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Truly an incredible success story

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I just wanted to share this story with everyone because I truly believe this is an amazing one. Romeo Garza is a sophomore at Mary Carroll HS in Corpus Christi, TX. He played Division II soccer in the Coastal Bend and was a mediocre player at best, he’ll admit to that. He was overweight, skills were dull, tactical awareness very raw, ran all over the field with heart and determination but to no avail.

Romeo began training in the Reyes Fútbol School of Excellence almost 3 years to the date. He hasn’t play club soccer in over 2.5 years. He has strictly trained within my soccer school 4 days per week over the last 3 years. Romeo abandoned Coastal Bend club soccer altogether because he wanted to concentrate on his academics and play in the school band while still training to keep his soccer skills/tactical play sharp and ready to try out for varsity for Carroll HS. Try outs came and went and was declined the Varsity roster because “he didn’t play year round soccer with a local club”. So they placed him on JV to “prove himself”. Well, Romeo did just that by leading the Carroll HS JV soccer team, as Captain and central midfielder, to a 15-2-1 record while the Varsity went 1-3-6 narrowly missing out on the playoffs. The one loss the JV experienced Romeo happened to not be available for the game.


Romeo went through the ODP try out initial phase of the Player Opportunity Events and was referred to the try outs. He went to try outs and made the South Texas State Pool for the 95 age group. He has now been selected for Region III ODP Camp in Tuscaloosa, AL at the University of Alabama for the next phase of realizing his dreams of playing at the highest level of soccer HE can achieve. Romeo will go to the ODP Regional Camp representing South Texas to compete against the top 15-20 players from North Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina for a shot at making the final 22 man roster for Region III and earning an automatic invitation to the U16 US Men’s National Team training camp for a POSSIBLE selection to the National Team.


What makes this story so special is that although several players across South Texas have been selected to represent South Texas at Region III Camp, Romeo is the only one I have EVER seen NOT participate in year round Division I or higher club soccer and make it this far. His heart, determination and perseverance has seen him leap frog all the obstacles laid out in front of him throughout these last few years. I’m extremely proud of Romeo because throughout all of this he has still managed to maintain stellar grades in the classroom grabbing the 4th spot of 603 in his sophomore class with a GPA of 100.6667.


This story is a story that kids should read about to see for their own eyes that even when someone tells you that you can’t succeed, that within the right environments and the right support you can accomplish ANYTHING. You simply must believe….


Congratulations Romeo!!!! Keep on believing…and make South Texas proud of you once again!!!